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Kombi-Nation simplifies your camper conversion with our DIY bed kits for T5 to T6 Transporters. By utilising your van’s existing fixtures, our kits ensure a seamless installation, significantly reducing the cost of conversion, which can reach up to £15,000 in the UK.

Choose Kombi-Nation for a cost-effective and comfortable custom camper. Additionally, for added convenience, we provide the option to have the kit installed by our team upon collection at no extra cost, or you can opt for home delivery.

VW Kombi T5 Transporter Bed Conversion
VW Transporter Beds

Kombi Bed Conversion Products

Transform your Kombi camper with our versatile Kombi Steel Bed Frame, available as a frame-only option. Ideal for hands-on enthusiasts, it allows full customisation for a tailored camper bed. Complete with instructions for wooden paneling and carpeting, it’s perfect for DIYers. Whether a seasoned carpenter or novice, our frame offers flexibility and affordability, ensuring a unique camper bed solution.

SWB - £335.00 / LWB - £365.00

Enhance your VW van with our premium Carpet Bed Package. Elevate your camping experience with top-quality carpeted boards, adding a luxurious touch to your interior. Enjoy added insulation and comfort for a cosy retreat on your adventures. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a long-haul journey, our fully carpeted bed frame ensures a restful night’s sleep in style. Upgrade your van conversion with our all-inclusive package for ultimate comfort and style.

SWB - £575.00 / LWB - £605.00

Upgrade your VW Transporter with our versatile Wooden Bed Package. Craft a personalized bed arrangement with pre-cut ply boards, tailored to your preferences. Begin your van conversion journey now and create a distinctive and practical space for your adventures. Enhance your camping experience with our comprehensive Wooden Bed Package.

SWB - £450.00 / LWB - £480.00

Single Seat Infill

Make your VW Kombi T5 travel-ready with our Single Seat Infill. This product fills the gap left when removing the non-folding single rear seat, essential for Kombi models with a 3-seat configuration where only the double seats fold flat. It ensures a level surface for your mattress, making bed conversion complete and simple. Ideal for enhancing your travel comfort.

£50.00 – £85.00

Our DIY kombi bed kit is simple to assemble with a clear guide provided. For extra support, we’re available for assistance. Choose our hassle-free fitting service on collection for added convenience. Kombi Nation ensures a smooth setup for your VW Kombi van bed conversion, enhancing your travels.

Our conversion kit offers versatility. The bed conveniently folds up, creating extra space as needed. And when you want your van back to its original state, the kit can be easily removed and reinstalled. Enjoy the comfort of a bed while maintaining the option to revert to the van’s original setup. At Kombi Nation, we prioritize your needs and provide practical solutions for your Kombi van.

Kombi Nation bed kits, made from high-quality steel, come with everything you need for installation. Choose your kit, and we’ll include quality PLY boards from reliable suppliers, plus a detailed guide to ensure a smooth fit in your VW Kombi van.

Our VW Kombi van bed conversion kits maximize storage space and accessibility. With our kit installed, you’ll maintain full access to your van’s storage area. The bed’s fold-up design creates extra room for larger items during transportation. It also serves as a partition, allowing you to store belongings both on top and underneath, providing secure storage and easy organization. Trust Kombi Nation for functional bed conversion kits that optimize space, while ensuring the safety of your valuable items during your travels.

Our conversion kit will not impact the resale value of your VW Kombi van. It is one of the easiest kits to install and remove, making it a versatile and non-permanent conversion option. When the bed is removed, your van will be restored to its original state without any visible alterations. Rest assured that our conversion kit offers convenience and flexibility without affecting the resale value of your VW Kombi van.

Absolutely! With our bed conversion kit installed in your VW Kombi van, you will still have full and unrestricted access to the rear door. We understand the importance of maintaining functionality, and our conversion kit is designed to ensure that the rear door remain completely accessible.

Please let us know if you have any other questions not covered here or on our FAQs page. Our team at Kombi Nation is here to assist you!

About Us

Kombi-Nation specializes in VW Transporter bed conversions that seamlessly integrate with standard VW rear seats. Our Kombi-Nation bed offers a full-width sleeping area, ensuring optimal comfort during your camping adventures. Elevate your camping experience with Kombi-Nation today!


Introducing our Budget-Friendly Conversion Package: Quality without Compromise.


Craig Fleming2 Weeks Ago
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Excellent bed and excellent service from Kombi Nation, all aspects of the bed are high quality, straightforward to install 30 mins max, credit to Gaz great communications from order placement to delivery
Kat Harb10 Months Ago
Read More
Thank you so much. This is a quality product. It arrived so well packaged and fitted perfectly. Thank you for your amazing customer service and attention to detail. We have speakers in the back so Gaz was able to customise to fit. One very happy customer.
o***hA Year Ago
Read More
Great bit of kit, easy to put together. Really sturdy when fitted. Gaz was super helpful with a bolt situation and sent some alternative ones next day free of charge!! I’m really happy with how it doubles up as a work shelf for tools when not in bed mode, brilliant product
Matt7 Months Ago
Read More
Fantastic bed system, fit’s perfect, is sturdy and looks great! I spoke to Gaz before ordering and he was so helpful. The instructions for the D.I.Y. system are very well laid out and very easy to follow. I would recommend this bed system to anyone wanting to utilise their Kombi van to its full potential.
g***rA Year Ago
Read More
Great Communication- Simple instructions Bought the boards and carpet myself fitted a dream great sturdy construction, a few simple tools and your sorted - Thanks G
Nathan O'HareA Year Ago
Read More
The product quality and service are excellent. Having purchased the frame-only option, I was given all the support, tips and guides I needed for the install. The end result is great and was easy to install. Thanks for the great service. Highly recommended.
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